Okay before you start in on the negativity, let me tell you why and how Davenport was named the best Midwest city for millennials.

It's according to finance website The Ascent, who published a list of the best Midwest cities for millennials to live. No other Quad City is on the list except for Davenport, which ranked number 1.

The study looked at the largest cities in the Midwest for millennial homebuyers. It ranked the cities based on cost of living, homeowners insurance premiums, home prices, car insurance premiums, and social equity.

How Davenport Wins This Thing

City of Davenport Government Facebook
City of Davenport Government Facebook

The study by Ascent did note that Davenport "falls short when it comes to public transit" but it does have below-average healthcare costs and childcare costs and also has great "recreational and cultural amenities". It notes the many music festivals Davenport hosts, over 50 public parks and miles of biking and walking paths. The study says that Davenport has one of the lower costs of living among Midwest cities and the lowest average home price out of The Ascent's list.

Personally, as a millennial who moved to Davenport recently, I quite like it. Here are the stats the study lists for Davenport:

  • Average home price: $152,300
  • Median car insurance premium: $1,661 per year
  • Average home insurance premium: $1,502 per year

Cleveland comes in second behind us. Also on the list is Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. To see the full list and read more about the methodology of the study, you can check it out here.

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