The World Series of Drag Racing is coming back to Cordova on August 27, and I-Rock 93.5 has a way to experience it like never before.  You and your guest will "Be The Crew Person of the Day" and hang out with the race team, go to the starting line and get the inside feel of being a crew person.  Sign up for this once in a life time opportunity below.

The 68th annual World Series of Drag Racing

Cordova Dragway has always been known for its World Series of Drag Racing. Over the years, the World Series of Drag Racing has been an event known for incredible performance and racing.

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Before you even get to the World Series of Drag Racing on Saturday, August 27, Cordova will have the "Night of Thrills" on Friday night.  The event will feature the Chicago Wise Guys Pro-Mods, plus nitro Funny Cars of John Lawson, Pete Dove, the ‘American Way’ of Scott Haas, and ‘Buzzy’s Nitro Bomber’ driven by Mark McElwee will be in action. The Night of Thrills will also feature fire-breathing jet funny cars, dragsters, and more.

Cordova Dragway
Cordova Dragway

After all that comes day two which is the "Granddaddy of them all".  Nitro Top Fuel Dragsters and NHRA Funny Cars will join the fun with Krista ‘the Greekette’ Baldwin taking on IHRA champ Bruce Litton in a Top Fuel match race. In Nitro Funny Car, Tim Wilkerson, Dan Wilkerson, Jack Wyatt, and Dale Creasy Jr. will match up in round #1 along with Dove, Lawson, Haas, McElwee, and White funny cars to qualify and then set the pairing for the round #2 action. Plus, it’s a battle featuring the world’s quickest Nitro Altered against the world’s quickest Nitro Front Engine Dragster.  Plus of course...plenty more!

Feel the power at Cordova Dragway

You really can feel it.  Listen to I-Rock 93.5 to win tickets.  Get more info at Cordova Dragway here.  And sign up below to win the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being on the crew for one of these amazing cars.

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