A short drive from the Quad Cities will take you to the land of beer and cheese known as Wisconsin.  A bit more of a drive to the Northwoods of Wisconsin will take you to an isolated 60 acre "No Clothes Necessary" campground.  Welcome to "Camp NCN North".

Camp NCN North calls itself an "Adult Campground" where clothing is optional and sexual freedom is encouraged.  Located about 10 minutes North of a town called Black River Falls, Wisconsin, Camp NCN North has been letting people get freaky in the woods, or basically wherever you want as you can see below, for the last 20 years.

What should you expect at Camp NCN North?

According to the owner of the "Midwest's finest adult sexual freedom campground," you can bask in the sun of their sandy beaches.  (which are located on a pond)  You can take a dip in the pond which has been renovated and is perfect for skinny dipping.  Stay the weekend in the woods and go rustic camping, or bring the RV where they will have hookups for you.  Or, stay in one of their (slightly used) cabins.  Their introductory video also wants to let you know to use the dumpster by the woodshed...which isn't creepy at all.

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Party Central is the place to be at Camp NCN.  Drink, sing, play, watch, be watched.  It's a place you'll find:

  • DJ every weekend for Dancing and for Karaoke
  • Large open dance floor with lighting
  • Two indoor stages
  • Two Stripper Poles
  • Porn always playing on a large wall screen
  • Seminars and Classes
  • Several playrooms with optional curtains
  • Lots of sex toys, including the infamous SYBIAN
  • Monkey Rocker
  • Sex Swing
  • Boning Chair
  • St. Andrew’s Cross
  • Bondage Horse
  • Glory Hole

It is clearly the place where you can camp free of restrictions.  Except smoking.  There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the campground.  Cause smoking is bad for you.

What events take place at Camp NCN North?

They have all sorts of specialty weekends at Camp NCN North including:

  • Pimps and Hoes Party
  • F_CK Fest.  Where all we need is "U".  (There are 5 of these)
  • 60's & 70's Hippie theme weekend
  • Pirates & Wenches theme weekend
  • Cowboys & Indians theme weekend

Here is what others are saying about Camp NCN North.

As I will not be attending any of those weekends and only know about this place cause I have to drive by it every time I drive back to see my family (looking forward to explaining that one to the child in a few years when she sees the sign) I went to Yelp to find out what others are saying.  Here is what "Istin B" said on Yelp.  Warning - Explicit Content...but really if you are reading any of this story you should expect that.

It's not a nudist camp. There IS nudity, but it's more about the ability to have sex whenever and however you want. There is a LOT of sex going on.

Sex outside, inside, on stuff, in stuff, with stuff. Sex toys, tables, Sybian, fucking machines, a cage, sex swings, stripper poles, and air mattresses strewn around like lily pads for horny toads!

There was a lot of fucking sex. Very public fucking sex. Everyone was having fucking sex. Except me of course, but... I could have.

Men and women often touched without permission, but always took no for an answer if you declined. There were a few dicks/vags dropped in my hand, which I'd politely pet then walk away from.

I gave a massage to a naked lady or two. Had someone jerk off on my leg. (Thank goodness I had packed extra shorts). Touched a couple sets of boobs and had mine touched. Was groped so many times I was kinda worried I might get a UTI.

Hmmm... I learned a valuable life lesson. Never puke in a porta potty

People were friendly. The owner can be abrasive, but rest were happy campers. Friendly without cliques, unless you're gay/cd/tg. LGBT typically stay in a different part of the camp ground dubbed the "Hershey Highway". I won't say I was comfortable with this, since it's supposed to be a "sexual freedom" camp.

Age range was 30-70s with the average being 40s-60s. There were a couple knock outs, lots of big dongers, and few tan lines.

Oh, I also learned it's polite to put a towel down first before you sit naked on furniture.

So there you go.  Really not much more I can say about it after that.  Take a look at some pics from Camp NCN below and if you are scheduling your trip to Northern Wisconsin be sure to pick the warmest part of the year to avoid shrinkage.

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A short drive from the Quad Cities will take you to the land of beer and cheese known as Wisconsin. A bit more of a drive to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and you will find an isolated 60 acre "No Clothes Necessary" campground. Welcome to "Camp NCN North".
Camp NCN North calls itself an "Adult Campground" where clothing is optional and sexual freedom is encouraged.

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