How is your imaginary guitar playing? Can you shred like Eddie, get all classical like Randy, power chord like Iommi??

The best of the best when it comes to playing "Air Guitar" bring their axe styles to Chicago on June 26th for the "U.S. Air Guitar Championship," at Subterranean. Tickets for this part contest, part comedy, part what is the world is going on...are available HERE.

If you are willing to sit through 20 different air guitar competitors, it will cost you $15 or $120 for a VIP table.

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So how does one get judged for something I walk around at home doing nightly? There are three different things that judges are looking for:

  •  Technical merit
  •  Stage presence
  •   Airness 

Not sure what "airness" is or how it's judged, or who can judge that...but they take it damn serious. There can only be one winner, and one air guitar's gut check time for the masters of playing pretend, and it all goes down in Chicago on June 26th.

I put this on the same level as the Joey Chestnut "hot dog eating contest." Entertaining, yes. A sport, of course not. The kind of thing you can practice over and over and perfect in while living in mom's basement, yes indeed.

Good luck to all oh the "rare air" folks battling out for the "Air Guitar" trophy. Wait, is there actually a trophy, or is that invisible too?

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