COVID has had a major effect on many businesses throughout the United states, and led to countless stores, and restaurants closing. We saw almost 20 eateries close down in the Quad Cities alone.

That's why a day like today is so important. The QC is rich with local businesses, and today is the perfect day for you to check out that store you've seen countless times while driving, but never stopped at.

The Quad Cities has countless restaurants, shops, and more. I for one love all the small antique stores in downtown Davenport. Every city and town has a great local spot. This holiday has a rich history as well,

 The holiday was established by Rick and Margie Segel in honor of their parents and the successful hat shop they opened in 1939 and grew into a 10,000 square foot, $2 million dollar clothing shop. It is a special day to appreciate the long hours, hard work and dedication it takes to run a small business.

Today isn't about breaking the bank, it's about showing your support. Now more than ever your support can make a difference to a local business in the Quad Cities.

According to National Today small mom and pop shops create economic growth and provide almost 70% of all new jobs in the country. That’s why every year we acknowledge the more than 27 million small businesses in this country by celebrating National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Iowa's Second Oldest Bar


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