Cafe Express Deli in Davenport is a local favorite serving up soups, sandwiches, and baked goods that are house made with fresh ingredients.

Known for their fresh baked bread and friendly environment, Cafe Express' fearless leader Lena Georgi wants to help out her community as much as she can.

So much so, that in the middle of the night, Lena showed up with 100 lunches for the striking UAW Union members in the Moline and East Moline locations.


Lena arrived at the picket line at around 1am Thursday morning, to feed the third shifters who needed a pick me up.

This isn't Lena and Cafe Express' first time going above and beyond to help out the Quad Cities community. The restaurant regularly hosts community events, like their Back to School Community Party.

The deli also created a community garden to bring more fresh vegetables to the area around the restaurant.

Be sure to stop by Cafe Express to show them the support they show the community.


  • Monday-Friday: 10am-2:30pm
  • Saturday: 11am-2pm
  • Sunday: Closed
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