The bus driver that was transporting the Pittsburg Pirates to Milwaukee after the Chicago Cubs series, got a DUI and was arrested. WeAreGB

The Chicago Cubs have had a pretty good last week or so. They swept the Pittsburg Pirates, (who somehow are in first place) and took 2 of 3 from Baltimore, that's some good stuff.

The Pittsburg Pirates were leaving Chicago late last Thursday night. Illinois State Police noticed that the bus was driving erratic, AND the bus driver drove away from the police escort that the bus was getting on it's way to Milwaukee...hmm, I wonder why?

The Illinois State Police pulled over the bus to see what was going on and noticed multiple signs of the driver being impairment. A massive bus carrying an MLB team, and the dude is hammered. WTH.

“We are deeply concerned, “the important thing is that all of our personnel arrived in Milwaukee safely. Buses are contracted out to a local provider, which was consistent with this trip, and we are now in communication with the appropriate parties regarding this matter.” -  Pirates senior vice president of communications Brian Warecki 

That's pretty scary stuff to have a bus driver so intoxicated! I wonder if the team was boozing too, they got a pretty good beat down from the Chicago Cubs during that series.

The bus driver isn’t a Pittsburg Pirates employee, but was contracted to drive the Pirates to Milwaukee after the series with the Chicago Cubs was over.

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