It's always interesting when a person from another country shares their views about the good ole USA. Laws, rules, different ways we prepare food, and in this video presentation...BEER!

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In this YouTube video "British beer expert blind tastes American macro lager," the cheeky host, Jonny, samples some of the United State's most popular brand name beers.


You've got your Bud Light, Coors Light, Busch and Busch Light, and Michelob Ultra. How did those beers do on Jonny's foreign tongue?

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It's always been my understanding when meeting people from Spain and Germany, that our food, our candy, and or beer doesn't have enough "flavor." Things in the USA are too watered down, or bland tasting. Ever had a piece of German chocolate, wow.

Jonny has a ratings system for our "Big American Beer" that includes:

  • Aroma
  • Palate 
  • After Taste 

Jonny give a 1-10 rating on each, and his responses were interesting AND pretty good!

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There's one Wisconsin beer I was very curious about...Pabst Blue Ribbon. Out of all your traditional American favorites, PBR does have a flavor all its own. So how would a British guy with a "Craft Beer" YouTube Channel react to the "hipster" favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon??? Check this out:

According to the numbers, Jonny ranked Pabst Blue Ribbon a "17" with above average marks for all of the categories! Not too bad PBR, not bad!

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