Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has partnered with American singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien on a song titled  “No More Friends,” off her new EP, Episodes: Season 1.

O’Brien describes the defiant pop-rock anthem as a rejection of men who give mixed signals and string women along with no regard for their feelings. “I am so tired of guys telling me they want to keep me around as a friend just so they can feel better about being an asshole,” she writes on Genius. “Or maybe they want to keep me on the hook just in case they change their mind. I refuse to stick around for someone who thinks of me as just an option.”

I don't need no more friends / I already got too many,” both artists sing during the chorus. Sykes chimes in with morbidly funny lines such as “The smell of your perfume / It makes me wanna slit my throat.”

The 21-year-old O’Brien first rose to prominence in 2016 after she appeared on singer and rapper Gnash’s single “I Hate U, I Love U,” which peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her 2020 single “Josslyn” became popular on TikTok and has earned nearly 100 million Spotify streams.

Bring Me The Horizon released their most recent EP, Post Human: Survival Horror, last October. The metallic, breakdown-laden set is the first in a series of four Post Human installments, which Sykes says will produce a “record for everyone.”

"The idea is for us to be as creative as possible,” Sykes told Minneapolis radio station 93X back in April. “We've got these four records now — obviously Post Human: Survival Horror being the first one — where each record can be so different that whatever we feel like doing, we can do it. And there's gonna be a record for everyone. … We've done so much shit over our career that we have our sound, but we can go anywhere with it."

Listen to Olivia O'Brien and Oli Sykes' 'No More Friends'

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