When someone is taken to a funeral home deceased, you expect that's the end of the story. However, in this case, it is only the beginning. There is a report out of Iowa where a woman was taken to a funeral home believed to be dead. Now, it's believed that she's very much alive.

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I saw this report from KCCI in Iowa who shared the story of how the fire department in Ankeny, Iowa was called to Ankeny Funeral Home and Crematory. Details are a bit sketchy as you might imagine, but they shared audio from a first responder call which included the following from this funeral home drama:

Just so you know, this female was transported there deceased, and she is not. They are in the chapel, and she is on a cot

As of this writing, they report that it is believed the woman was transported to the funeral home from a senior care facility. No names have been shared or confirmed at this time. There has been no comment about this situation from the fire department or the senior care facility they believe the woman was transported from. It's also not confirmed who called the fire department or what the resolution was. Let's hope the woman in question is now alright and this has a happy ending.

All that is known so far is this. A woman was believed to be deceased in Ankeny, Iowa and now she is not. As this is a developing (and odd) story, I will update once more facts are known.

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