I have always felt Iowa was perfectly "rated" so what is it about Iowa that makes it an "Underrated" state here in the US? A big-time travel website says "you haven't lived" until you experience this one main event in the Hawkeye state.

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Iowa is one of the 6 Underrated States in the U.S. according to the travel website afar.com. The other states on the list with Iowa include Nebraska, Arkansas, New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia. This list is pretty shocking to me, I feel all of these states are perfectly rated where they are, so what am I missing about Iowa? On the site they say...

"You haven’t lived until you’ve wandered down a carnival midway with an alligator meat corn dog in one hand and a deep-fried queso burger in the other. Both happened to be new offerings at this year’s Iowa State Fair...Snowstar Extreme Sports in Andalusia boasts one of the longest dual ziplines in the Midwest. And the state’s architectural marvels include the Historic Park Inn Hotel in Mason City, the last remaining hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright"

That is only a portion of what they say in making their case for why Iowa is underrated, if you want to read more about Iowa, and the other underrated states just click here!

I have to be honest, if I am putting together a ranking of the top 15 states in the US, non of the states in this underrated category are making my list. But I will say I think Iowa, and Nevada would be closer to the top 15 than the bottom 15 in my rankings, so I would tend to agree maybe they are underrated. What do you think? Where should Iowa be on the list of the best states in the US?

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