With the coronavirus pandemic many of us are keeping a face mask in the car.  Cause you know if you take it out of your car you will forget it, and then you'll go somewhere you need it.

As you store the face mask in your car, make sure you are putting it in the glove box or on the seat next to you.  Because if you hang it from the rear-view mirror, you could get pulled over in Illinois.

If you didn't know, it is illegal to hang ANYTHING from your mirror in Illinois.  Masks, fuzzy dice, air fresheners, that garter you caught from the best wedding ever.

In Illinois, it is a traffic violation to hang or place any sign, window application or reflective material between the driver and the front windshield, rear window, side wings or side windows. This includes fuzzy dice hanging over a rearview mirror, dashboard hula figurines and photographs.

Oh yeah, you can't even have the hula figurines.  Basically, anything that the police can say might cause a distraction.

Will you get pulled over for this alone?  Probably not.  But, is it another reason for an Illinois officer to pull you over. Yes.  If you do get pulled over, you could be fined $50-$500 for a first offense.  For a mask on your mirror.  Just set it on the passenger seat and be sure to take it in your house once in awhile to wash it.

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