There is a lot of weird things that happen in Iowa.  But, like many things on the Internet, not all of them you hear about are true.  That is where a website like can come in handy.  You can go to major news sites and maybe get lucky finding what really happened, but will tell you if it's true, false, inconclusive, or just the stuff of legend.

Here are some of the best ones when looking up Iowa on and if they are actually true.

7 - The Iowa State Fair Logo Looks Like a Big...Silo.

So clearly, this has been verified as FALSE by

6 - Blind people in Iowa can own guns

In 2010 Iowa removed a previously existing requirement that anyone applying for a permit must first undergo training on a firing range.  This caused people to say that blind people could now own guns in Iowa.  However, Iowa never had a visual test for weapons permit purposes.  In other words, even though the law changed on Jan 1, 2011, even before then legally blind residents in Iowa COULD purchase firearms.

An Iowa Department of Public Safety spokesperson told Snopes that "We are not aware of any instance in which a person with a significant visual impairment has used a firearm in a fashion that caused damage, injury, or death.”

Hemera Technologies

This has been verified as TRUE.  Blind people in Iowa can own a gun.

5 - Five Inches Of Animal Blood In The Basement

A lot of us have had water in the basement before.  And just a little can ruin a lot.  But just think if you had 5 inches of...not water, but blood.

As you can see below, this very real mess came into the house from a nearby meat locker that had all the slaughtered animals' parts washing down a drain and going right into this fellas basement.

Yes, this is disturbingly TRUE.

4 - A Statue Coming To Life

Did really need to "investigate" this one?  OK, maybe they knew this was false.  But, seeing all these college tradition LEGENDS in one place is interesting.

However, no, the statue of the Green Goddess at Upper Iowa University does not bow to you when you walk by.

 3 - No More Soda and Candy for EBT Recipients

In 2017 there was a viral rumor that people receiving EBT from the state would no longer be able to purchase candy and soda with their electronic benefits transfer cards.

The story originated on, a prank news website.

Halloween candy
Jennifer Barrow

As this "news" came from a prank website, it's pretty easy to guess that it is in fact "FALSE" as noted on

2 - The Freedom Rock in Iowa

Is there a giant rock alongside a highway that is painted with patriotic scenes?  There sure is.  And before it became Freedom Rock, it was basically graffiti rock with all sorts of random scribbles on it until Ray Sorenson changed that.

Yes, it's TRUE, there is a very large Freedom Rock in Iowa.

1 - Iowa Law Limits Kisses To Five Minutes

The claim is that there is an Iowa law that forbids kissing for more than 5 minutes.  While several websites claim this is a law in the state of Iowa, couldn't find any such law.  However, they also couldn't find anything to disprove this claim.

Man wearing white shirt covered by red lipstick kisses
loading... says while this law is mentioned on numerous websites, none are able to source the exact law in Iowa legislation.  With this law being in the "UNPROVEN" category on, you are probably safe to pucker up and get back to that kiss.

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