Thinkstock[/caption]It's a brand new year and that means a long list of legal changes throughout the country and here in Illinois, but some laws just haven't made the list yet. 

Happy first Friday of January, how are you holding up?

Personally, I'm exhausted. This used to happen to me in high school too. The first week back from summer break, from winter break, from spring break... that first Friday I was toast. I'll likely be asleep by 7pm tonight and you know what, that's ok.

The beginning of the year can mean a lot of things, new goals and reslutions, a lot of cleaning up after the holidays, maybe paying some bills, and navigating new laws that have gone in effect.

If you're looking for those new laws/changes, might I suggest reading the following stories:

When it comes to laws that are NOT in effect here in Illinois this year, there is a long list of them, because anyting that's not a law... is a law that hasn't gone into effect.

So I leave you with the 5 laws that are not going into effect this year in Illinois, even though I wish they were:

  • Employees that work 40+ hours a week are required to receive a piece of chocolate cake every Friday.
  • Teachers can ask for $250/student at the beginning of the year to make sure they have enough supplies for the year.
  • Part-time employees in Illinois recieve two fully paid mental health days a year.
  • One pop star concert per year, per state will be absolutely free, on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Every employee that starts work before 9am is greeted with a peppermint mocha.

Which fake law one do you like the most? Happy New Year!

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