It can be challenging figuring out what to buy the special people in your life as a gift for the holidays, but if you're close with any rock and metal fans, we've got you covered.

Life certainly still isn't back to pre-COVID normalcy, but chances are, the holidays will feel a little less lonely for a lot of people this year. So whether you're spending them with your family and friends or on your own, at least you won't have to worry about choosing the perfect present for that heavy music lover in your life.

For grunge lovers, Nirvana released a 30th anniversary edition of their iconic album Nevermind, and it comes in a variety of sets. For drinkers, how about a bottle of Metallica's BLACKENED whiskey? Tool bassist Justin Chancellor teamed up with Dunlop for the Cry Baby Wah pedal, which will help your musician sound just like him when they use it... maybe.

Some other instrument accessories are featured in the gallery, and we've also included some fun music-themed household items, such as vinyl LP organizers for record collectors and a guitar pick-shaped case to literally store guitar picks.

The price for and links to the items are provided in the description underneath the photos for your convenience. And hey, even if you don't actually end up buying something from our list, maybe it'll help get your creative juices flowing and you'll come up with another idea based on something you saw. Good luck shopping, and happy holidays from our family to yours!

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