Back in 2003, Montell Howard went to a local mall in Wisconsin and beat up the Easter Bunny. What in the heck, man! SG

Who punches the Easter Bunny? What's next, Santa? Maybe kicking the Tooth Fairy?

So here's the story, Montell was at the Wausau, Wisconsin mall where the Easter Bunny was greeting kids and taking pictures. Montell ran up to the giant rabbit and jumped onto his lap. He then began punching the Easter Bunny in the head. Montell furthered the assault by putting him in a headlock and punching Peter Cottontail in the mouth. What is up with this dude!

This happened at a mall, in public, with kids around, and it's a dude in an Easter Bunny costume! Maybe when we was a kid, Montell didn't get an Easter basket or any candy. No Reese's Eggs for this dude.

Montell has a long rap sheet of being a trouble maker, but this one really takes the cake...or the jelly beans I guess. Maybe the Easter Bunny sold Montell some weed, and when he attempted to smoke it he realized it was plastic grass?

This is just messed up. Imagine being at the mall with your kids and you witness this. "Daddy, what is that grown man doing to the Easter Bunny?" Try explaining that for years to come.

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