Thank you all for voting on how the Volume 1 of the I-Rock 93.5 Local Stage CD will sound and look!

Over the last 2 weeks you voted on a fan bonus track to decide what song number 19 will be.  After the votes really started pouring in it came down to two bands fighting for that last spot. Eugene Levy and Been There Done That were neck and neck all the way till the end.  But, at the end Been There Done That pulled away and won by 5%!  So to finish off the CD BTDT will be there with "So Done With You".  Check out the song below.

Then over the last week you had to decide what you were going to look at for the front cover of the CD.  One thing we didn't tell you (cause really I didn't think about it until half way through) was that the top 3 vote getters would actually be featured in the CD!  We need a front cover, inside cover and the actual CD itself.  The back cover will have a picture of me. would be trash then.  The back will have the track listing and the Local Stage logo.

Once again, it was a close vote for the top spots.  But, Bill (rocker in the van below) pulled away and took the cover!  Followed closely behind Bill was Ami with her skull and rock hands.  You'll see that every time you slip it in (that's what she said) to your CD player!  And in the closest race, Brandy and her picture of the Rock & Roll Mansion came in 3rd to grace the inside cover.

Thank you to all the bands for sending us pieces for the CD and the fan vote.  Thank you to every artist who sent in a picture or photo to make it look so cool!  Thank you to everyone who voted.  And finally, a preemptive thank you to everyone who will go out and get this thing next month after we produce it.  Keep listening/watching your app for the latest on when and where to get yours!

Bill Johnson
Ami Violet
Brandy Eklof



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