It’s been a couple of years since people have been able to get out and really enjoy Spring Break.  So this year, people were out in droves.  From short trips in the car to flights to warm destinations, Quad Citizens were getting out of town to enjoy some time off.  I was one of them.

Spring Break 2022 will always be my, and of course my child’s, first trip to Disney World.  Yes, it was packed.  I think I said “Ope, sorry” about 10,000 times.

Leading up to the trip I was getting worried. I made the mistake of clicking on one story about a bad trip experience from some nonsense “Magic” website.  So then for about a month, I kept seeing horror stories of travel, lines, and prices.  I finally had enough of that nonsense and hid that website from my newsfeed.  I was trying, to go in with a positive attitude…but also, knew, there would be challenges.

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Saturday (March 12) we arrived in Orlando but did not go to a park.  It was already a long day of travel with the drive to Chicago (sorry Moline airport, but the flight times just made it better to make the drive) so we just hung out at the resort.

Sunday was Magic Kingdom day 1.  Monday, Epcot.  Tuesday Magic Kingdom day 2.  Wednesday it was time for me to fly home.  There was no chance I was going to not come back before Tool.  The child’s spring break was princesses and Minnie.  Tool is my Spring Break.

Having done some research before going, and then living it for 5 days, these are the best tips I can give you before you go to the most magical place on earth.

The Best Tips For Quad Citizens Thinking About Going To Disney World.

It might be a regular trip for you or a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Either way, there are some tips and tricks to make the trip more worth it for you and the family.

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