My name is Hope and I am a fun creative person who is an Artist and professional model.  Creating art is one of my favorite activities and I enjoy working as a Metal smith and jewelry designer as well as oil painting and making sculptural furniture and other objects.  Anything artistic I could make with my hands I have probably tried or want to try, lol.  I am also a cat lady and I am proud to have rescued dozens of felines in my lifetime.  Meow.

I am excited to share my IRock 93.5 hosting experience with my bestie, Brandy.  We have traveled many long hard roads together as well as celebrated countless stellar moments and we thrive in each others company.  We have been sharing our art, views and love of music since high school.  Brandy is a very talented artist and Photographer.  She is the mind and talent behind Brandy Eklof Photography and with her unique eye she has captured beautiful photos of myself and others in her artistic editorial and fantasy shoots. Hosting the I-Rock 93.5 show together for Halloween is a dream come for us spooky kids.

Music for me is the key that unlocks the doors to worlds and realms I can visit and dwell within.  It is the mental vacation, the inspiration, the therapist and the friend, the one who understands and never judges- the colors and places within my soul.  Music is the fleeting ephemeral mixed with the brutally honest- sculpted from feelings and sounds, never seen but deeply felt.

Marilyn Manson is my favorite artist.  One night long ago, I was laying in a hotel bed in Florida, watching TV , when I saw these two amazing and strange looking guys (Marilyn Manson and Twiggy) introducing their new music video, I took notice... Suddenly, I was whisked away on a sonic journey that would transform music for me - forever!  The video was Dope Hats and I was a captive along with those little kiddos on the boat, sailing recklessly down the inky black river Styx on a feverish, psychotropic, nightmare-scape with Marilyn Manson and the group as our guides.  That was it, I knew Marilyn Manson was going to be my favorite band from then on.

My favorite concert EVER was seeing Marilyn Manson during the Rock is Dead tour in Cedar Rapids.  I have seen Marilyn Manson before and several times after that particular show,  but that show had everything I could ever ask for- stunning costume changes, awesome props and staging, the best music and energy all rolled up into what I still believe was the greatest concert show on Earth.

However, seeing Metallica with my bestie Brandy when we were in high school was also a very special and memorable time I won’t ever forget.

Check out my playlist here:

  1. Marilyn Manson- Don't chase the dead
  2. The Kills- Doing it to death
  3. In this Moment- Bloody creature poster girl
  4. Avatar- Torn apart
  5. Static X- Cold
  6. Devildriver- Sail
  7. Blackbriar- Until eternity
  8. Grandson- Bury me face down
  9. David Draiman- Forsaken
  10. Skindred- That's my jam
  11. Metallica- One
  12. Marilyn Manson - Cry little sister
  13. Marilyn Manson- I put a spell on you
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