How do you envision your retirement?  I can see me and the wife moving into a condo of sorts.  You know, a place where you don't have to worry about shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.

We'd have the grandkids over for holidays and birthdays.  I'd like to do some traveling.

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We'd join a country club where I could ride around in the golf cart, have an Old Fashioned at the bar, or strip naked and play sports.

It's true! According to, "Nude Pickleball is … er, um … busting out all over."

Sounds great, right?  Not exactly a "spectator sport" when you realize "52% of the core players are 55 or older."  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

What is Pickleball

Believe it or not, despite the name, Pickleball was not invented initially as a nude sport. They play on a court smaller than the one they play tennis on and use wooden paddles to hit this plastic ball with holes in it and hit it over the net.  I guess it's tennis with different equipment?

Nude Pickleball has even more "different equipment".

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

The Best Comments on FB

Of course, the best part about this particular game is it was promoted on Facebook.  So, I rushed to the comments section and pulled some gold ones for you....

  • "My brother is a national Pickleball champion and I quote him, “One visible ball on the court is plenty!” -Alice Thibodeaux Grant
  • "There is not enough sunscreen in the State! Horrific" -Jamie McLain McGrath
  • "Join the Jumbo Kosher or Little Dill league? As for me, I don’t particularly relish the idea." -Joan Wasser O'Malley
  • "There is good nude and bad, this is bad... Who wants to see naked senior citizens playing pickleball? I don't want to see either the pickle or the ball..." - Rod Knecht
  • "The age of the players has me thinking there’s a higher risk of stepping on pickles and balls during play."-David Gibbs

And the winner of best comment in the Nude Pickleball post is....

  • "I heard the competition’s not too stiff though."-Robert Shearman
picklerllc via Facebook
picklerllc via Facebook

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