We have all had a terrible boss, but have you had a boss who likes to break the law? There are plenty of sources giving lists about things you can call your boss out for with the illegal things they do. Though it may be better to call the police if they are still doing that stuff.

Boss dismissing an employee

No one is above the law. US NEWS went on to say,

No one is above the law, including your boss. The National Labor Relations Act and a variety of statutes overseen by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) protect employees from hostile work environments, discrimination and unfair labor practices. There are also state and local regulations that employers must follow.

Here are two things your boss can't do before you are hired:

  • Promise a job to an unpaid intern.
  • Ask prohibited questions on job applications.

We are looking at six of the biggest things your boss shouldn't and CAN NOT do in the workplace.

Illegal Things Your Boss CAN'T Do

Many of these things are points you most likely could guess, but are still important to remember when working at a job. If your boss is strict, or terrible make sure you hold them to these standards.

  1. Discussing Wages with Coworkers
  2. Blocking Unionization
  3. Not Paying Overtime That is Due
  4. Going Outside of the Contract for Freelance or Contract Employees
  5. Complain About Job on Social Media or in Conversation
  6. Respecting Privacy (This one can mean a lot of things.)

Keep an eye out and make sure your place isn't toxic.

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