Iowans are serious about our pork!

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I was leafing through a book about Iowa tourism when I found a section that claimed Iowa has the world's best pork tenderloin. No surprise there!

One of the staples of any Iowan diet is the delicious and usually HUGE pork tenderloin sandwich. Every single year, the official Iowa Pork Producers organization try to determine the ultimate tenderloin in the state.

It kicks off during October otherwise known as National Pork Month for those who celebrate. The officials take nominations from locals over the course of the month and then eventually narrow it down to a top five list.

Huge Breaded Iowa Pork Tenderloin

Here are the top five best tenderloin locations in the state for last year.

WAUKON: Lid's bar & Grill
ST. OLA F: St. Olaf Tavern
VAN METER: 5th Quarter Bar & Grill
MASSENA: Main Street Bar & Grill
CORYDON: Ludlow's Steakhouse

Lid’s Bar & Grill ended up winning the title as the best in the state this year! You can read more about this here.

However, I recently discovered that the world's best pork tenderloin is located right here in Iowa. You'll find the best pork tenderloin in the world right in the town of Hamlin. Darrell's Place is home to the "original #1 pork tenderloin."

When the Iowa Pork Producer's started this competition in 2003, Darrell's was crowned the very first winner. Also, since Iowa is known as the state that produces the most pork in the entire nation, it's fair to say that this place has the best pork tenderloin sandwich in the entire world.

Darrell's has been in the tenderloin game for more than 40 years now. Located on the corner of 1st Street and Highway 44 in Hamlin, the building actually used to be the site of an old bank, according to the restaurant's website. It has been a family owned business for two generations.

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