A sign of the times is being reflected at Target.

A lot of us grew up learning finances with a paper trail. That involves writing checks and recording them in your checkbook to balance it later. If you're under a certain age, that probably makes no sense to you.

According to our friends at KWQC, Target is about to stop accepting personal checks as a form of payment starting next week, on July 15th.

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Target told NBC News that, due to "extremely low volumes", they won't accept personal checks anymore.

Target will still take debit/credit cards, digital wallet payments like Apple Pay, SNAP/EBT, and of course, cash. Target's main rival Walmart will still accept personal checks.

This isn't the first change to Target's checkout policy this year. Target is really working to streamline the checkout process and make it quicker and easier. They're trying to eliminate (or at least cut down) on self-checkouts. That's likely why you may have noticed more actual checkout lanes open lately.

They're also cracking down on thefts. A high-dollar one happened this summer at the Moline Target, when a woman stole a $400 baby monitor. Now, Target is allowing employees to stop a theft of $50 or more, when they used to allow them to stop $100 or more.

Target has said they've taken steps to notify customers about the new policy on personal checks. So if you still carry a checkbook with you, that's one less thing you'll need to tote around on a Target run.

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