We're getting a clearer picture of when snow might start and continue for parts of Iowa and Illinois on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

While we're not quite in the godforsaken "hibernation zone" that the Farmer's Almanac had predicted for Iowa this winter, there's still some snow coming our way. I saw plenty of trucks putting pretreat on the roads this morning and even more snow plows getting together. Like a rallying of the troops.


NWS Releases Exact Snow Timing Forecast

The National Weather Service Quad Cities has released a timetable of when they expect the snowfall to begin, continue, and end in different towns in Illinois and in Iowa. Here's what they're thinking.

It looks like the earliest snow will start is 9:00 Tuesday night in Burlington, Fairfield, Macomb, and Memphis.

For the QC, Davenport and Moline are expected to see snow starting at midnight.

And basically, it looks like we're going to have sky dandruff pretty much all day Wednesday, even into early Thursday morning in most places.

Our friends at KWQC are forecasting anywhere from 1-4 inches of snow and the roads could get slick. So don't get the zoomies.

Winter Weather Advisory

Outside of the QC, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from noon on Wednesday until 6:00 p.m. for Burlington, Fort Madison, Geneseo, Princeton, Hennepin, Oquawka, Monmouth, Carthage, Macomb, Memphis, and Kahoka.

Wednesday doesn't mark the end of it. KWQC forecasts flurries for Thursday and even Friday could bring more snow, with another chance of snow on Sunday. Happy January, friends. I'll see you all in May.

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