We got a lot of rain recently in Illinois and in Iowa. On my morning commute, I saw a lot of motorists driving through massive pools of water along the side of the road since sewers weren't keeping up with all of the rain, or they were building because of potholes. What a lot of those drivers don't know is the amount of severe damage that they could be causing to their cars.

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Even though it's wintertime in Illinois and in Iowa, we have seen quite a bit of rain. It may look fun driving your car through a puddle to make a huge splash, but that could cost you thousands in repairs.

Avoid Puddles and Potholes At All Cost

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When heavy rain is coming down and you see huge pools of water on the side of the road don't drive through them! You don't know what is actually underneath the puddle and that much water flying up under your car could cause severe damage.

We reached out to a local car mechanic shop to find out exactly what could happen to your car if you carelessly drive through a massive puddle.

A Mechanics Warning

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We reached out to Shawn Auto Service (2710 State St, Bettendorf) to ask what could happen if you drive through a puddle whether on purpose or not. Dante, the service manager at Shawn's said,

"If your car has exposed wires and those get wet from driving through a puddle, that could bring serious damage to your car. You also don't know what's under that water like a massive pothole."

Dante says those potholes could cause serious damage to your suspension and really throw off the alignment of your car.

He added,

"Water can cause your vehile to hydroplane. That could lead to a serious accident."

If the brakes on your car get wet, Dante says that could also cause them to fail which is bad news.

Stop driving through puddles and save yourself the costs and headaches of fixing your car.

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