A unique film featuring local talent will be at the Putnam Museum next week.

The film is called "I Am Able" and it follows the journey of 9 local Quad Citizens who have special needs as they stage the (always cute) musical "Seussical". It will be shown at the Putnam Nov. 3-13 at 6:30 p.m.

According to WHBF, half of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit local nonprofits. Tickets are $10 each and here's the schedule of nonprofit nights:

  • Nov. 3: Handicapped Development Center
  • Nov. 4: Penguin Project of the Quad Cities
  • Nov. 5: Special Olympics Scott County
  • Nov. 6: Penguin Project of the Quad Cities
  • Nov. 10: The Arc of the Quad Cities and the Kiwanis Aktion Club
  • Nov. 11: Hand in Hand
  • Nov. 12: GiGi's Playhouse Quad Cities
  • Nov. 13: NAMI and the Gray Matters Collective

You can get tickets for each night here.

According to the film's website:

This heartwarming documentary highlights the challenges and triumphs of students with disabilities and their families, focusing on their abilities and similarities with their typically developing peers rather than their disability. The film seeks to ignite conversations about inclusion and action and encourages thoughtful conversations about what it means to destigmatize disabilities.

The film stars: Sarah Couglin, Halea Damm, Grant Polzin, Alyssa Quinones, Hannah Rath, Deane Thomas, Maddie Wright, Abigail Ziolkowski, and Elizabeth Ziolkowski.

The movie will have an invite-only red carpet premiere on Nov. 2.

I Turned The Quad Cities Into AI Art

To get the AI pictures all I had to do was type in the name of the city, and the state, the algorithm did the rest.

All these photos are computer generated, and at first glance, it looks pretty good... some more than others, but the longer you look the more you notice how weird each one is.

These are all 5 cities in the QC. To start I typed in "Quad Cities" to see the results

Which Flowers Thrive in the Quad Cities