We experienced our first Friday the 13th of 2023. Friday, January 13th was our first one of the year and there's no better time to get all of the unlucky things out of the way than the beginning of the year. We still have one more Friday the 13th to get to this year but to make sure you don't have bad luck and can avoid it, I've done 13 very unlucky things so you essentially don't have to.

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Two Fridays The 13th In 2023


In 2022, we only had one Friday the 13th and it happened in May. In 2023, we get two Fridays the 13th and we just experienced one of them in January. The next Friday the 13th will be during the spooky season when it falls on Friday, October 13th, 2023.

13 Unlucky Things You Can Do


There are a lot of superstitious things people can do that others think will bring them bad luck. Some are weird, some are classics, and all are just hoopla. But here are 13 researched bad luck actions you can take to try to harness unlucky mojo:

  1. Open an umbrella inside
  2. Spilling salt
  3. Walking under ladders
  4. Putting shoes on a table
  5. Putting a hat on a bed
  6. Getting into bed on one side and getting out on the other
  7. Black cat crossing your path
  8. Driving past a cemetery and not holding your breath until you see a brown or black dog
  9. Stirring tea with anything other than a spoon
  10. Step on a crack
  11. Getting your hair cut on Friday the 13th
  12. Chasing someone with a broom
  13. Breaking a mirror

I Do All 13 Unlucky Things

To help you prevent doing the 13 previously listed unluck actions, I did them all and recorded them. See you on Friday, October 13th!

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