Here are 12 prog rock and metal guitar gods and goddesses, as chosen by Crown Lands' Kevin Comeau.

Lovers of wailing vocals, soaring riffs and winding classic rock, in general, will fall in love with Crown Lands, the Canadian rock duo ready to release their new album Fearless on March 31. The group are at the forefront of a classic rock revival.

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Crown Lands' latest, "Lady of the Lake," is a chills-inducing pop-prog journey. So we asked the band's guitarist Kevin Comeau to grace us with his expert picks for who are the "guitar gods" of prog rock and metal.

Scroll down to see the list. Pre-order Fearless here.

Crown Lands' "Lady of the Lake" furthers the narrative from Fearless' 18-minute "Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II." Vocalist Cody Bowles explains, "Steeped in a myriad of mythology, 'Lady of the Lake' tells a tale of an ancient battle for control over the realm and a powerful goddess who is called upon to dispel the darkness." It's "in the same world as Fearless, but long ago."

Crown Lands
Crown Lands (Photo by Andy Ford)

Comeau says of the record, "I love the textures we've got in this song. I doubled the electric guitar with a 12-string acoustic for most of it. There are lots of Mellotron and Moog Taurus moments in this piece that give it that medieval-meets-outer space, fantastical quality."

Watch the music video for "Lady of the Lake" below, and see the list underneath. Crown Lands are currently on tour — get Crown Lands concert tickets here.

Crown Lands, "Lady of the Lake" (Video)

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