An Iowa man is fighting the suspension of his driver license a year after his original offense, saying he was just speeding because his wife needed sanitary products.

According to court records, on September 14, 2020, Saleh Ali Nasr of Coralville was stopped by police for speeding on Highway 27 in Lee County. He was clocked at 103mph in a 65mph zone.

During the traffic stop, Nasr told the officer he was travelling at that speed because he had to get sanitary pads for his wife.

In October 2020, Nasr, now 23-years-old, paid the $314 ticket he received for driving 38mph over the speed limit. On October 2nd, the Iowa Department of Transportation informed him that his license was suspended.

Nasr went ahead and applied for an appeal, but on December 9th, the DOT upheld their suspension of the license. A second appeal went to a hearing, with Nasr's lawyer issue being whether or not the officer exhibited a personal bias against Nasr.

The judge, Kristine Dreckman, also considered whether or not Nasr's request for a driving improvement course had been properly considered, the Iowa Capital Dispatch reported.

Dreckman inevitably upheld the suspension of Nasr's driver license, finding none of his arguments to be good enough to justify a reduction of DOT's suspension.

Nasr then appealed that decision on June 18th, 2021, and was again denied by DOT Reviewing Officer Mike Raab.

Since, he's also applied for a judicial review of that decision, arguing the DOT's actions are unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion.

The way I see it, regardless of whatever claims he's made against the officer, he was still travelling at a dangerous speed, and 38mph over the speed limit.

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