I-Rock 93.5 has put shirts on many of you across the Quad Cities.  But, we haven't got to all of you.  And some of you could use another one.  We could all use the perfect spring hoodie!

Our friends at QC Custom Tees have created an online website selling shirts for local restaurants and businesses.  The price is cheap.  $15 for t-shirts and $25 for hoodies.  Why so cheap?  They aren't trying to get rich.  They just want to keep their employees in the building and working.  We're all trying to keep things going during these difficult times.  If they can keep the lights on by selling some shirts, we're all for it.

Oh and, because we are social distancing, these shirts/hoodies will be delivered to you.  At no extra cost.

If you own a local business and want to get in on this deal with QC Custom Tees, or if you want to check out all the shirts available to buy, CLICK HERE.

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