Brad and Collin Ledbetter from Moline

What I like about metal is that its ever changing, the raw emotion/ energy put forth into it, so much more creative and artistic than most other genres that really tend to rely on the "cookie cutter" style...older country (outlaw) country I can somewhat handle far as country/ pop/'s just so damn basic and ignorant to me....really lacks intellect and substance. Let alone originality

Don't really have a favorite band/artist or song for that matter....everything hits different at different times....I could go Johnny cash one day, 80s thrash the deicide napalm death the and everything in between. If there was one band that I feel I could capture everything all in one catalog...I would have to say Suicidal Tendencies...can never go wrong with Suicidal...they got it all...and you could even jump to the Infectious groove stuff. To change that up a

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I have a few....slayer at top. Just because both times I've seen them (Chicago Mayhem Fest)..I had my 2 oldest kids with me...and then theb2nd time I seen slayer (The Mark)..I had my youngest 2 boys with they will never forget and neither will far as favorite concert growing definitely have to say pantera/white zombie shows...Slipknot always throws a great show as well....I've seen so many...but the pantera show at the mark where we all started lifting up the floorboards and passing them up to the front. Meanwhile you got people jumping on them and crowd surfing on them as well....was an awesome

White Zombie at the Adler was quite the experience as well...with the crowd ripping the seats out and others but those 2 really sickout in my mind

Ok..the list...

1 - Korn- Freak On A Leash
2 - Volbeat- Evelyn...(Not a fan of Volbeat) but this song features Barney Greenway of Napalm Death and is just an awesome song all in all...just needed to clarify
3 - Devil Driver- Hardened
4 - Fight -Nailed to the Gun
5 - Suicidal Tendencies- War inside my Head
6 - 3Teeth- Pumped up Kicks
7 - Gojira- Stranded
8 - Testament- More than meets the Eye
9 - Sepultura- Slave New World
10 - Powertrip- Executioners Tax
11 - Amon Amarth- Raise your horns
12 - Mushroomhead- Sun doesn't Rise
13 - Tallah- Overconfidence (I have been totally stuck on this song and band the past couple months or so...its got basically every element of all the 90s I guess.."nu-metal" sounds to them...the Lincoln park, the Korn, the Slipknot, Deftones, etc...all rolled into one band..while still having their own unique sound ..they (Tallah) and this song is stuck in my brain big time.

Are You QC AF? Take The Test.

If you are from the Quad Cities, there are certain things you do and say that folks from outside the area might not understand. Weather you’ve lived here your entire life, or just a couple years, it’s time to put your QC to the test to find out if you are “QC AF”.
Below are 25 questions to test your knowledge and life experience of the Quad Cities. Keep track and see where you rank. Then share it, if you aren’t ashamed, to show how QC you are.

25-20 points – You are QC AF!
19-15 points – Reppin’ the QC strong.
15-10 points – Average. You put the “C” in the QC.
10-5 points – Do you even QC bro.
5-0 points – Move back to Chicago.

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